Tactile vision substitution system (TVSS)

Based on the work by the late Paul Bach-y-Rita and colleagues at the Smith-Kettlewell Institute of Visual Sciences in the 1960s. The definitive work on this work remains the book: P. Bach-y-Rita, Brain Mechanisms in Sensory Substitution. New York: Academic, 1972. Appearing below is an artist's rendering of that historic system.

Our Research

Founded in 1992, the Tactile Com­mu­nication & Neurorehabilitation Laboratory (TCNL) is located at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

We are a research center that uses the experience of many different areas of science to study the theory and application of applied neuro­plasticity, the brain’s ability to re­or­ganize in response to new informa­tion, needs, and pathways.

Our research is aimed at developing solutions for sensory and motor disorder rehabilitation.