Yakov Verbny

About Yakov Verbny

Yakov Verbny is a neurophysiologist with extensive experience in research of brain and spinal cord functions, psychophysical testing, and recording of integrated electrical activity form different brain structures and central and peripheral nerves. He has been working in the Department of Neuroscience at UW-Madison since 1996. In 2012, he joined the TCNL team to develop the eye tracking system and tremor testing for people with sensory and motor disorders. Yakov received his MS degree and PhD in neurophysiology for Kharkov State University (USSR). His main areas of interest are neuroplasticity, neuroadaptation, and neuronal networks development and functioning. He is very excited to be working with the TCNL team to help people with neurological disorders enhance their rehabilitation.

Our Research

Founded in 1992, the Tactile Com­mu­nication & Neurorehabilitation Laboratory (TCNL) is located at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

We are a research center that uses the experience of many different areas of science to study the theory and application of applied neuro­plasticity, the brain’s ability to re­or­ganize in response to new informa­tion, needs, and pathways.

Our research is aimed at developing solutions for sensory and motor disorder rehabilitation.