Tongue tactile vision marketed

Vision substitution technology originally developed at TCNL has been successfully commercialized by Wicab, Inc. (Middleton, WI). Wicab recently issued a press release announcing FDA clearance for the BrainPort® V100 device to be marketed in the US as an oral electronic vision aid for orientation, mobility, and object recognition. 

The V100 derives from tongue tactile display technology developed at TCNL, patented by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, and subsequently licensed to Wicab. TCNL pioneered vision substitution through the tongue in a series of experiments conducted with collaborators in France and Canada. This line of research has roots in pioneering brain plasticity research by TCNL founder Paul Bach-y-Rita in the 1960s.

TCNL congratulates Wicab for its role in fulfilling Paul's dream of practical sensory substitution for individuals who are blind. 

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February 2018

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