TCNL/PoNS Status Clarified

13 Dec 2017 

The TCNL is pleased to report that we have successfully completed two PoNS clinical trials in traumatic brain injury: a 26-week study involving 44 subjects; and as one of seven study sites that enrolled a total 120 subjects in a 5-week US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Phase-3 trial. The results have been sent to the US Army (which partly supported both activities) and study sponsors to be prepared for submission to the FDA, which regulates use of medical devices.  Although still investigational and therefore not yet available for health care, commercial release of PoNS technology (separately from TCNL and the University of Wisconsin-Madison) is expected following FDA clearance. 

Further details regarding future availability of the PoNS device may be found at:

TCNL has now accomplished the extensive basic research and development necessary to support the clinical trials cited above. It has been an extensive and expensive effort. These accomplishments were supported exclusively by external grants, contracts, and gifts. This funding, for which we are most grateful, enabled us to bring PoNS to the point where separate entities could continue the path to commercialization. 

Now that PoNS research and development has reached this stage it has become necessary to move it off the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus and close the TCNL. This is being done to honor the University’s core mission of teaching, research, and community service. We leave it to the next generation of researchers, some of whom we have trained in our lab, to carry the torch and explore new applications of the PoNS for treatment of other neurological disorders. 

If you need to contact the TCNL leadership for any reason other than to inquire about treatment with the PoNS device, please send an email message to: 

You will receive an automated response with further instructions. Please understand that that a personal response may be delayed. 


Yuri Danilov, Kurt Kaczmarek, and Mitchell Tyler - TCNL Co-Directors 
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Kinesiology 


March 2018

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