TCNL Closes

29 November 2017

Please also see update 13 Dec 2017 *

In response to financial, administrative, and regulatory realities, the TCNL leadership team closed the lab 01 Oct 2017 and will not be conducting any more research or clinical trials at UW-Madison.  To our many, many supporters we thank you and wish we could reach out to each of you individually to offer our appreciation. 

We understand that there is substantial interest in the Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator (PoNS) device and therapy developed at TCNL. As of the date of this message, the PoNS device remains an investigational and not yet available for medical treatment.  Please watch the following web page for updated information regarding future PoNS-related research and/or availability.

If you need to contact the TCNL leadership for any reason other than to inquire about treatment with the PoNS device, please send an email message to: You will receive an automated response with further instructions. Please understand that because TCNL is closed a response may be delayed. 

TCNL has completed all of its PoNS clinical trials. Any released results for these trials may be found on our web site – look especially in the Library section for publications and presentations.  The US web site is also a good source for information about any other clinical trials in which you may be interested. 

Since 1992, TCNL has explored the limits of the human brain’s capacity to reorganize its function in response to neurological disorders, including those that impair sensory, movement, and cognitive function. We have created methods to comfortably activate the sense of touch without moving parts, developed devices that substitute the sense of touch for both vision and balance, and pioneered methods combining non-invasive neurostimulation with therapeutic exercises to reduce symptoms of neurological disorders. 

We offer our deepest appreciation to all who have supported TCNL in any way: students, staff members, volunteer study participants, funding agencies and individuals, UW-Madison colleagues, leadership, and administrative staff, our friends and families, and last but not least our founder Paul Bach-y-Rita, whose pioneering neuroplasticity research as early as the 1960s has inspired TCNL throughout its existence. We thank you all for making TCNL, and the progress we have made, possible.  


Yuri Danilov, Mitchell Tyler, and Kurt Kaczmarek, TCNL Co-Directors 
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Kinesiology 


March 2018

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