TBI Study Begins June 2014

UPDATE 11 May 2015 - some of the information below has been updated.

Please see revised study information

We are happy to announce that our study for people with mild to moderate traumatic brain injuries (mTBI) will begin in June 2014. This controlled study is investigating if balance and other symptoms resulting from a TBI will improve with cranial nerve non-invasive neuromodulation (CN-NINM). This intervention uses therapeutic exercises with simutaeneous electrical stimulation on the tongue. The study will take place at the University of Wisconsin, Madison campus at the TCNL.

If you or someone you know is interested in being a part of this study, please see below, or the link to this flier.


Research Study for Traumatic Brain Injury

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Tactile Communication and Neurorehabilitation Lab

We are conducting a study for people who have experienced a mild or moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI) that continue to have problems with balance, walking, and other symptoms. This study will test a new treatment intervention that combines the use of a device that provides mild electrical stimulation to the tongue with physical therapy exercises.

Who is Eligible?

      You may be eligible if you:

  • have experienced a mild or moderate closed-head TBI;
  • have difficulty with balance and walking;
  • are at least 1 year post injury;
  • are able to walk for at least 20 minutes;
  • are between the ages 18 and 65.*

*This is not a complete list of entrance criteria. Candidates must meet additional eligibility requirements to participate in the study.

What will you be asked to do?

  • Spend 2 weeks at the University of Wisconsin in Madison for initial training. Training includes exercises in balance, walking, movement, and relaxation, and takes approximately 3 hours per day.
  • Continue training at home for 12 weeks, approximately 2 hours per day.
  • Return to the UW for weekly appointments during the 12-week home training period.
  • Return to the UW every 3 weeks for appointments for a second 12-week period (the withdrawal phase).


You will receive up to $600 for your participation in this study.

If you have any questions or are interested in participating, please contact:

Kim Skinner at (608) 890-2537, or email: kzskinner@wisc.edu



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