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The TCNL has been featured in many types of media and publications and participates in various events. Please read the following frequently asked questions to learn more.

  1. What events does TCNL host and participate in? 
  2. Has TCNL been featured in the media? 
  3. What are the best books related to TCNL's research? 
  4. How can I get updates from TCNL? 
  5. How can I contact TCNL?

What events does TCNL host and participate in? 

The TCNL participates in the annual Paul Bach-y-Rita: Memorial Fund and Lecture Series. The Memorial Lecture is presented by a distinguished neuroscientist familiar with Dr. Bach-y-Rita's research contributions. In addition to delivering the Memorial Lecture, the invited speaker is expected to meet with interested faculty and students during her or his visit to the UW-Madison campus.

Has TCNL been featured in the media? 

Yes, our work has been featured many times in different sources including newspaper and magazine articles and video presentations. Please visit the Library page for links to articles, videos and other media sources.

What are the best books related to the TCNL's research? 

As an introduction to neuroplasticity and with many inspiring personal stories of the power of the brain, we suggest The Brain that Changes Itself and The Brain's Way of Healing by Norman Doidge, MD.  If you are interested in a more scientific resource, we suggest Brain Mechanisms in Sensory Substitution by Paul Bach-y-Rita, MD, the founder of the TCNL. Please visit the Books page in the Library section for a full listing of books and book chapters written by members of the TCNL, and about TCNL by other authors. 

How can I get updates from TCNL? 

To stay updated with the latest research and developments from the TCNL, please check the News section on the Home page frequently.

How can I contact TCNL? 

TCNL is a self-funded lab, dependent on grants and donations for operation. If you are interested in making a donation to help support TCNL research, please see our Donate page.

If you are a researcher or clinician interested in collaboration opportunities, or a student interested in thesis research or independent study in TCNL, please send your inquiry to

Please visit the Contact page for additional information and map.


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