Your Contribution Matters: 2016 Challenges

Since 1992, TCNL has been a leader in neuromodulation research, developing and testing new therapies for persons with sensory and neurological disorders using Cranial Nerve-Non-Invasive NeuroModulation (CN-NINM) technology. Our research has resulted in sensory aids for persons with visual and balance disorders, and promising new methods to alleviate symptoms of movement disorders.

With the support of individual donors, private foundations, and government grants and contracts TCNL has developed a multidimensional 10-member research staff with expertise in neuroscience, neurorehabilitation, engineering, electrophysiology, instrumentation, physical therapy, and clinical trials. Supporting this stellar team, along with lab operating expenses, requires nearly $1 million/year, a cost that TCNL, as a “soft-money” lab, must raise.

This year we may not be able to reach this goal. In spite of numerous ongoing fundraising efforts, staff layoffs are expected this year, affecting or eliminating potential projects seeking better treatments for neurological disorders and their many symptoms. TCNL urgently seeks your support.

Please visit or call (608) 265-3757 for more information on our lab and how to donate.

Further details are in our 2015 Update.

Thank You!

Please note that as a research lab and not a clinic or health care facility, TCNL does not and cannot charge for participation in research studies. The purpose of our studies is to better understand new treatment methods, not deliver health care. More information

Our Donors

We are deeply appreciative for monetary and in-kind support from a variety of public, private, and internal sources. The donations not only help to support the administration of the lab, but also assist with attaining pilot data needed to attract grant funding. It is through these generous gifts that we are able to continue our research. If you made a gift but do not see your name on the list, please contact us.

  • Anonymous - numerous gifts
  • Barbara Barrington
  • Byron Barrington
  • Neil and Tammy Barry (Barry Benefit)
  • Lawrence Beyer
  • Maureen Brady
  • Stuart Brandes
  • Frank Fiorina
  • Norman Flodine
  • George and Pam Hamel
  • Family of Herbert R. Harvey
  • Jim Holland
  • Lydia Lazarev
  • Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
  • Lisa Munro
  • David Olson
  • Sheree Powless
  • David Thurston
  • Barbara Williams
  • C. V . "Bud" Wittenwyler
  • Art and Judy Wojta
  • Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Wolman