Paul Bach-y-Rita Memorial Fund

The Paul Bach-y-Rita Memorial Fund

The UW Foundation also established a memorial fund in honor of TCNL founder Dr. Paul Bach-y-Rita. This is separate from the TCNL Fund. Paul Bach-y-Rita was a pioneering neuroscientist who pushed back the boundaries of contemporary scientific thought regarding adult brain plasticity. Dr. Bach-y-Rita's groundbreaking research demonstrated unequivocally that the adult brain possesses the capability to substitute a functioning stream of sensory information for one that has been damaged in order to carry out effective behavior. Moreover, this remarkable capability appears to persist in the aged brain and it may rely in part on an unconventional mode of transmitting sensory information that bypasses the discrete connections, know as synapses, that nerve cells in the brain make with each other. The Paul Bach-y-Rita Memorial Fund helps to sustain the values he held dearest; namely, advancing neuroscience through visiting lectures, and nurturing the grown of promising graduate students. We believe that exposure to the Annual Meeting for Neuroscience (SfN) is extremely beneficial to graduate students as they develop their careers in research as neuroscientists. This allows students to sharpen their professional development by presenting original research, as well as interacting with some of the leading neuroscientists in the world and graduate students from other universities. This fund supports student attendance at this event. Donations to this fund can be made through the UW Foundation.

If you are interested in contributing to the Paul Bach-y-Rita Memorial Fund, please contact:

Lisa Oimoen
Program Administrator/Medical Advancement
UW Foundation

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Our Donors

We are deeply appreciative for monetary and in-kind support from a variety of public, private, and internal sources. The donations not only help to support the administration of the lab, but also assist with attaining pilot data needed to attract grant funding. It is through these generous gifts that we are able to continue our research. If you made a gift but do not see your name on the list, please contact us.

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